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What we do

Ambee aims to make hyperlocal air quality data accessible to developers, consumers, health researchers and media companies. We have the largest and most accurate air quality data in Asia.


Well formatted data that is ready to use with analytics for your use case


Our sensors are EPA benchmarked and pass the tests of accuracy and calibration


Recommendations, advisories, alerts and notifications to improve your ambience


Our data is realtime, with under 300 mili seconds of a difference distributed across the world
Digital Health & Preventative Healthcare
Pushing the boundaries of data in healthcare
With the help of our data repository, researchers and healthcare professionals can push the boundaries of research and development. Integrate our data and help your users see a substantial increase in value of preventative healthcare solutions.
Media, News and Aggregators
Broadcast Better

Use our Informative, real-time, location-based data into running Campaigns to enable deeper conversions, improved targeting and maintain highest relevancy. Our data can help you maintain negligible wasted impressions. Use the forecasts to enable better data driven, product integrations and features and lots more.

Health and Wellness (Fitness & Wellness)
Reinventing fitness and wellbeing
Get more user downloads to your fitness app when you advise them about the air quality around them and how it affects their workout or overall well-being. Integrate our data and Increase your user retention by better user engagement.
Air Purification
Expand your air purifier’s capabilities
Integrating our data to your connected air purifiers will substantially increase the effectiveness of your air purification devices. Our data integration can host a completely new experience and add value to your mobile app.
Smart Cities, Offices and Homes
Reimagine data for smart cities

Use our data to improve your HVAC efficiency and air quality in your office to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Integrate our data into your digital home assistant like alexa and google to monitor and improve air quality inside your homes.

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