A passion to solve global problems

Ambee looks to be able to create a more environmentally informed society by providing access to data, and tools that enable a better living experience to individuals using the best of what science, humility and technology can offer.

“Ambee helped us save real-lives of children who were affected by Air Pollution”

We built Ambee at an IoT hackathon, at Amazon Development center in Bangalore. We won the hackathon, but little did we know that our lives were about to change.

We had used LinkitOne Grove starter Kit and MediaTek on an Arduino board. Ambee had a AQI sensor (Air Quality sensor), CO sensor, Temperature & Humidity, Dust, Noise and UV sensor hooked to a Bluetooth and a Wifi module to send data to our webserver that would show all of this data on a web application that housed a nice looking dashboard.

Ambee helped us save real-lives of children who were affected by Air Pollution. Hence we always have had Doctors, Scientists, Academicians, Technology companies as partners, and we look forward to extend this connection, build on top of all the data and relationships so we co-innovate and build a better world for the next generation and the future generations to come.


Akshay Joshi


@Delphi Automotive, @Phoenix Racing - engineering, R&D, products, EV, patent holder

Jaideep Singh


@Amarchand, @Mylan - operations, health, hardware, sales, compliance, previous exit

Madhusudhan Anand


@Avaya, @HP, @Dell, @HackerEarth - data science, learning, intelligence, mobile, previous exit

Our Team

Veer Khot

Data Scientist

Tinu Rohith

Data Scientist

Prem Gowda

Full-Stack Developer

Shravya Rao

Full-Stack Developer

Subhash Achanta

Head of Marketing and Sales

Pallavi kandhway

Android Developer

Abhilash Mishra

Lead IOT Developer


UX Designer

Chandrashekar D

Full-Stack Developer

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